The largest hands-on cooking school in the triangle, we feature some of the most recognizable and successful classes and programs for your personal and professional interest.

IMG_0328Take an educational journey with us. Wynton’s World features some of the most recognizable and successful culinary educational programs for adult learners in the triangle area. Our cooking classes, professional programs and tours are built on years of learning from the best. Our inspiration comes from the experts within the triangle and around the world. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say our programs have become icons themselves. Since offering our first course in 1998, Wynton’s World Cooking School has grown to become one of the Triangle’s leading institution for learning as an adult or teen.

From its roots, Wynton’s World is committed to delivering genuine service to others. Whether it’s making an extra effort for a student, helping our employees develop career skills or improving the communities we serve, our family lives a culture that rewards caring for people. That defines service to us. The key is an uncompromising focus on doing what is right – maintaining standards, nurturing sustainability, nourishing our rich diversity, preserving our culture and of course, helping others.