Adult Cooking Classes


Adult (One Night) Cooking Classes

If you love to cook, entertain, or just appreciate the pleasure of great food, Wynton’s World is the place to indulge your passions. Our adult cooking classes are designed for both the novice cook and seasoned home chef, Wynton’s World Cooking classes will empower you to cook with confidence.

Couples Classes

Come to Wynton’s World and take one of our wildly popular Date Night Cooking Couples classes! You bring the wine or beer, the date, partner, friend, neighbor, sibling, whoever you like and we’ll do the rest! Each couple will make the entire menu, you’ll sit down and enjoy a quiet dinner.

Essential Cooking Skills

Learn to cook with ease, speed and creativity while tasting fabulous foods and having all of your questions answered by professional culinary instructor Chef Mann. Each class is an intensive, hand on, three-hour, finely tuned cooking course focusing on select culinary techniques such as roasting, sautéing, or grilling.

International Cuisine

Some say the best way to get to know a culture is through sampling its food, but even better is learning how to cook it. These cooking classes give you a hands-on introduction to the cuisines of 10 countries around the world.

Senior Cooking

Cooking is all the rage, and you can enjoy cooking classes, even if you’ve prepared meals most of your life. You can learn techniques that help your health and your budget while you’re having fun. You don’t eat the way you did when you were in your 20s. You’ve probably cut back on calories and fat and reduced your sodium intake. A cooking class can show you how to make those changes taste better as you create a healthy, balanced diet.

Adult (Series) Cooking Classes

Cooking Essentials

This hands-on cooking basic cooking series meets 5 consecutive Tuesdays. Chef Wynton Mann will guide you through a complete cooking basics– you’ll learn essential culinary techniques through classic cooking methods and gourmet recipes! We’ll cover all the bases of the kitchen as we master everything from professional knife skills to gourmet presentations. Learn the basics of cooking in this complete hands-on course. This series will provide clear and concise recipes for everyday cooking. The class focuses on simple techniques for easily cooking meals. Learn how to roast, pan-sear, stir-fry, make soups and simple sauces, bake from scratch. Learn to prepare wonderful meals. Regardless of your current cooking level, this series will instill more confidence, techniques and inspiration in the kitchen. Collective benefits of the two-part series include: Click here

Baking Essentials

Join chef Mann, in this in-depth five-week course of the basics of baking. This participation class will focus on cakes, custards, cookies, pastry, plus tarts and pies. Learn the skills of creating German chocolate cake, pastry cream, angel food cake, cheese cake, crème Brule, fruit tart, raspberry soufflé with crème anglaise, almond-orange biscotti, chocolate éclairs, plus learn the complexities of chocolate and sugar. Regardless of your current decorating level, this series will instill more confidence, techniques and inspiration in the kitchen. Collective benefits of the series include: Click Here.

General Information

What should I wear to my class? We recommend that students wear closed-toe shoes to class and to dress appropriately for a cooking environment. Open-toed shoes, and flip flops are not allowed to be worn during class. We will provide an apron during the cooking class.

Are your classes hands-on? All of the classes both for adults as well as kids at Wynton’s World are hands-on cooking unless it is noted in the class description as a demo class.  You will be preparing your own recipes and dishes.