Cooking Essentials with a Dietitian

Food has the potential to transform your life, if only you know where and how to begin. How do you eat real food, cook from scratch and shop locally—especially if you grew up eating the standard American diet? Perhaps you already eat well and want to enhance your skills, learn new recipes, be more creative and have more fun in the process.

The root of the word diet is an ancient Greek word “diaita” which means “way of life.” Diaita acknowledges the unique life of each individual and of how our diet reflects who we are not just what we eat. All of our beliefs and life choices, including our careers, how we exercise, our relationships with friends and family, our spirituality, our age, where we live and even our sleep habits are important aspects of our “diet.” When we alter our life choices, we change our way of life, we change our diet.

The Secret for Healthier Living

  1. Eat food in a rainbow of colors for the full
    spectrum of nutrients
  2. Consume fresh, local & seasonal
    produce—begin growing your own
  3. Learn how to cook and shop
  4. Take a few extra minutes each day to plan
    and prepare healthier meals
  5. Dine together as a family or with friends as
    often as possible
  6. Celebrate life—appreciate the
    moment—express gratitude for the
    preciousness of life
  7. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Help improve your nutritional health and wellness with guidance from registered dietitian, Natalie Meador, while you learn all of the classic cooking essential techniques with Chef Wynton.  Through culinary dietary coaching and culinary instruction, we offer hands-on guidance, tips, and recipes to help you shop, cook and entertain with ease and confidence so that “Everyday is Healthy, Everyday is Delicious!”.  We offer : (1) cooking classes for both individuals and groups, (2) Shopping tours, kitchen reorganization, meal planning and preparation tips, (3) Teacher, motivator and friend in the kitchen.

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