Cooking Essentials

foodOur comprehensive five-day cooking essentials series of totally hands-on classes designed to arm home cooks with a solid foundation of culinary skills for everyday cooking is the most extensive cooking class offered at Wynton’s World cooking school. By the end of this Series, you’ll be able to transform any ingredient into tasty dishes without being entirely dependent on recipes.

Regardless of your current cooking level, this series will instill more confidence, techniques and inspiration in the kitchen. Collective benefits of the two-part series include:calendar_button_off

  • Almost 15 Hrs of Hands-on Instruction
  • Over 50 Recipes & Other Class Materials
  • High Quality Ingredients

What you will learn:

  • Master your Knife: Learn to take control of your chef’s knife: slicing, dicing, and improving your prep skills.
  • Stocks & Soups: Learn how homemade stock makes everything in the kitchen taste better and etch to memory the method for making flawless soups. Clear, broth-based, purée, and cream soups; consommés; chowders; bisques; cold soups; soup garnishing; soup service
  • Starches, Salads & Sandwiches: Identifying, buying, storing, and cooking potatoes and grains; buying and preparing a variety of gourmet pasta dishes; preparing and filling fresh pasta; selecting and preparing salad greens and salad dressings; bound salads; fruit salads. Identifying sandwich breads, spreads, and fillings; preparing and presenting cold and hot sandwiches.
  • Sauté, Searing & Warm Emulsified Sauces: Learn the right cookware, proper heat, and best proteins for a perfect sauté.
  • Fish & Eggs: Identifying, buying, storing, and cooking fish and shellfish; fabrication methods; broiling and grilling methods; knowing grades of eggs; whipping egg whites; dry- and moist-heat cooking; how to fry, bake, and sauté eggs; crêpes; egg recipes.
  • Vegetables, Pan & Deep Frying: Equipment and fats for deep-frying; breading and battering foods; frying procedures; greens; gourds and squashes; onions; mushrooms and truffles; stalks; baby vegetables; pods and seeds; mushrooms; roots and tubers; buying, storing, and cooking fresh, preserved, frozen, canned, and dried vegetables; microwaving and puréeing techniques.
  • Sauces: Learn to create classic Sauces, modern sauces, and homemade condiments and use them in professional-style plating.
  • Beef, Veal, Lamb & Pork: Principals of meat cookery; primal and subprimal cuts of beef, veal, lamb, and pork; understanding inspection and grading; butchering procedures; cooking and serving suggestions for beef, veal, lamb, and pork; recipes; broiling, grilling, basting, barbecuing, and roasting techniques.
  • Poultry & Game: Identifying and selecting chicken, goose, guinea, pigeon, turkey, and ratites; duck and goose liver; nutritional values; giblets; buying, storing, butchering, and marinating poultry and game; sautéing, roasting, frying, and barbecuing procedures; moist-heat methods for cooking poultry.