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Guided or independent culinary & cultural tours  packages for the foodie in all of us!
Explore culture through cuisine on our exotic culinary tours and cooking vacations. With our knowledgeable local guides, world-class chefs, and carefully designed itineraries, we’ve created cooking and culinary vacations that offer unparalleled insider access to the local culture. So whether you are a foodie looking for the best meals, a culture buff who savors serendipitous experiences, or a cooking enthusiast who wants to learn to prepare local foods, Access Trips culinary tours are for you.


A Taste of Peru

$1,875.00 USD | Aug 20 – Aug 27, 2017 | Highlights: Lima * Cusco * Machu Picchu

Enjoy one of the most exciting destinations in South America, embracing the typical “gusto” for life of a real Peruvian! This unique tour, built with a combination of gastronomical and historical interests, will invite you to experience the colors, flavors and textures of this fascinating country. Your sense of wonder will be found in these lost Incan cities. Explore Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lima without breaking the bank!

The Flavors of Italy

$2,075.00 USD | (8 Days) | Highlights: Rome * Venice * Florence

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm and cosmopolitan delights of a country insistent on living life to the fullest. Journey through Italy’s gastronomic history and savor the flavors and aromas of its simple food prepared with love and passion. Stimulate your senses with this culinary & cultural adventure through the land of “La Dolce Vita.” As palate pleasing as it is picturesque, you’ll eat your way through mouth-watering Italy.

Passport to Spain

$1,975.00 USD | Oct 8 – Oct 15, 2017 | Highlights: Madrid * Toledo * Barcelona

Immerse yourself in the land of flamenco dancers, Tapas crawling, bullfighters and white hillside villages in this magical journey through Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. Spain has a dynamic culture, compelling history and to-die-for cuisine. The Iberian Peninsula really is a land of riches for every sense and interest. On this adventure, you’ll soak up the amazing sites of Madrid, Barcelona and everything that surrounds it. If that sounds like a lot, be prepared; we’ve only just begun.

Viva Mexico!Viva Mexico

$1,675.00 USD | (8 Days) | Highlights: Mexico City * Puebla * Merida

Farm fresh ingredients, vibrant colors, and spiced to perfection, discover the gastronomic delights on this journey through Mexico City, Puebla & Merida. You’ll eat your way through Mexico on this incredible culinary & culture tour. Enjoy cultural touring with chef Wynton as your main guide along with our local specialist accompanying us on each tour, enjoy authentic regional cuisine, explore markets and take cooking classes by some of Mexico’s experienced chef instructors.

tucanEssence of Costa Rica

$1,875.00 USD | (8 Days) | Highlights: San Jose * La Fortuna * Manuel Antonio

Savor the taste of the tropics with this culinary adventure through the exotic wilds of Costa Rica. A fusion of wildlife tours, sparkling beaches & gastronomic encounters, you will taste your way through Costa Rica. Stimulate your senses with tours of historic coffee, sugar cane, vanilla & spices. Discover the secrets behind Costa Rican “Tico” cuisine during a cooking course and much more.

havanaVintage Cuba

$1,675.00 USD | (8 Days) | Highlights: La Havana * Viñales * Trinidad

Cuba’s Spanish-colonial cities and cobblestoned streets, stir visions of brightly painted buildings, pounding mambo rhythms and barrios that bustle well into the night. This exciting tour of Cuba’s most famous cities will add the brushstrokes you’ve been longing to add to the unfinished canvas of your vision of Cuba. Your experience begins in the boisterous harbor city of Havana and ends in the artistic enclave of Trinidad and Cienfuegos, know as “the pearl of the South.”

TeaJourney to Japan

$2,375.00 USD | (8 Days) | Highlights: Tokyo * Kyoto * Hakone

Experience Japan’s incredible food culture in an in-depth, hands-on way on this culinary & cultural tour of Japan. You can almost see the ancient samurai ghosts amid the mist that blankets Kyoto as you take in sweeping views of the city from the incredible Kiyomizu Temple. As two mighty giants of sumo come together in a room-shaking thud before your eyes, you will be hit with a wave of instant new respect for this ancient Japanese art.

The French Connection

$2,275.00 USD | (8 Days) | Highlights: Paris * avignon * Orange

Discover France, a country of contrasts, as you explore the beauty of Provence, the French Riviera, and Paris. Renowned for its remarkable wines and exceptional cuisine, France is an important pillar of the worldwide gastronomical scene. Set out on this journey for your taste buds, discovering Paris, Provence and Lyon, hot spots for some of the best food the country has to offer. You will discover the monuments which have made Paris famous throughout the world.


pizzaThe Big Apple, NYC viewdetails

$875.00 USD | (5 Days) | Highlights: Midtown * Downtown * Greenwich Village

The place you want to be is New York City, a city rich with culture, eclectic neighborhoods and ethnically diverse communities. The city of New York has a fast pace of life and never ceases to amaze and enthrall its visitors. Join chef Wynton, who’ll show you the sights of Manhattan, bringing them to life with their own personal anecdotes and first hand tales of life in the city. We’ll visit famous and historic places like Broadway, Times Square, The Empire State Building, UN, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and much more. Each day we’ll dine at a different restaurant depending on the neighborhood. Try some of NYC classic foods. There’s something for everyone! And we’ll of course leave you with free time to shop on Fifth Avenue, see a Broadway show or go for a boat ride in Central Park.

jambalayaThe Big Easy, NOLA viewdetails

$675.00 USD | (4 Days) | Highlights: The French Quarter * The Garden District * The Bayou
Wind through bustling and beautiful New Orleans on a fun and educational tour! We’ll lead you through the colorful French Quarter, along the mighty Mississippi River, and to Louis Armstrong Park and Jackson Square, sharing insight into the city’s architectural history and diverse colonial heritage.