Cake Decorating Certificate Program

Whether you’re looking to start a cake decorating business or just make cakes for family and friends, our cake decorating classes will teach you all you need to know to turn out professionally decorated cakes. You’ll develop techniques practiced by professional cake decorators such as applying buttercream icing, how to make a rose, level a cake, pour ganache and master a piping bag. From breathtaking designs to whimsy, all the latest cake decorating trends are disclosed, with instructions and ideas about how to bake and decorate the darlings of the cake world, finger licking cupcakes.

With practice and patience, cake decorating can be learned. This exclusive course starts you out with the basics from designing your work space, cake baking, decorating tools, prepping a cake for decorating and many tips of the trade to help you create delectable cakes, icings and fillings. You’ll learn the importance of texture and the temperament of icings, how to avoid cake catastrophes, ways to fix them and still keep your cake looking perfect.

Why do you want to learn to make great cakes?

  • An upcoming wedding
  • Is there a baker in the family you’re dying to out-do?
  • Are you looking for the appeal offered by more traditional domestic skills?
  • Are you hoping to enter a local or regional baking competition?
  • Are you thinking of baking to earn some extra dough?
  • Is your organization looking for new fundraising opportunities like an upper scale cake walk, perhaps?

Cake Decorating Course (6 weeks)