cooking essentials

Chef Wynton Mann will guide you through a complete cooking basics– you’ll learn essential culinary techniques through classic cooking methods and gourmet recipes! We’ll cover all the bases of the kitchen as we master everything from professional knife skills to gourmet presentations. Learn the basics of cooking in this complete hands-on course. This series will provide clear and concise recipes for everyday cooking. The class focuses on simple techniques for easily cooking meals. Learn how to roast, pan-sear, stir-fry, make soups and simple sauces, bake from scratch. Learn to prepare wonderful meals.

Regardless of your current cooking level, this series will instill more confidence, techniques and inspiration in the kitchen. 

Part 1

  • Planning: Learn the art of timing in the kitchen while becoming more efficient through organized prep and planning, or “mise-en-place”. Seasoning food and balancing flavors is an art. We will practice it many times, starting with how to properly use salt. 
  • Knife Skills & Vegetable Prep:Learn to take control of your chef’s knife: slicing, dicing and improving your prep skills, and understand which kitchen tools are really essential for the home cook. Learn how to cut up a whole chicken.
  • Stocks, Soups & Sauces: Learn how homemade stock makes everything in the kitchen taste better and etch to memory the method for making flawless soups. Clear, broth-based, puree, and cream soups; consomme; chowders; bisque; cold soups; soup garnishing; soup service. Learn to create classic Sauces, modern sauces, and homemade condiments and use them in professional-style plating.
  • Pasta: Learn how to cook and sauce perfect pasta with some of our house favorites.
  • Saute: Sauteing is an essential cooking method and properly sauteed proteins can be the base for a simple but bold pan sauce once you know a few key tricks. You’ll try several variations. 

Part 2

  • Braising & Stewing:  Braising & Stewing lets you take tougher cuts of meat and cook them until they are melt-in-your-mouth tender. From a Bolognese to a Chicken Fricassee, the methods are basically the same and you’ll master them in a way that lets you create your own amazing dishes.
  • Herbs & Spice: Identifying herbs and spices, and knowing when to use them always makes your cooking game stronger.  You’ll learn how some basic dishes, such as rice, roasted veggies, and even meatballs are taken to a whole new level once you know how to properly season. 
  • Poaching & Egg Cookery: Cooking eggs is the true test of a cook. We will fry and poach, build an Eggs Benedict and a proper French omelette. Learn poaching, a low-heat cooking method for meat and fish that will guarantee it stays moist and juicy; poached salmon in orange cream sauce, pears in a amaretto sauce
  • Pan & Deep Frying: Equipment and fats for deep-frying; breading and battering foods; frying procedures; greens; gourds and squashes; onions; mushrooms and truffles; stalks; baby vegetables; pods and seeds; mushrooms; roots and tubers; buying, storing, and cooking fresh, preserved, frozen, canned, and dried vegetables; microwaving and pureeing techniques. 

Part 3

  • Savory Dough’s & Pastries: Learn to make the perfect pie crust, flaky and tender, puff pastry. Menu includes Gouda cheese empanadas, classic chicken pot pie with a pie crust, the ultimate pizza; plus apple turnovers using puff pastry.
  • Fish & Shellfish: Learn to choose the freshest fish, fillet a whole fish, and how to prepare fish using a variety of cooking methods.  Menu includes Ceviche, Pan Seared Scallops with Butter Sauce, Shrimp Scampi, Whole Salt Dome Fish Stuffed with Aromatics.
  • Beans & Grains: Learn to cook lentils, beans, chick peas, barley, buckwheat, Bulgur, and quinoa from scratch. Dishes will vary with the season Menu includes lentils braised in red wine, Tuscan garlic white bean soup, chickpea hummus dip, barley mushroom risotto, tabouleh (bulgur salad), Quinoa and bean burgers with a romesco mayonnaise. 

Part 4

  • Seasonal Menu: Class will develop a seasonal dream menu based on techniques learned in Essentials I, II and III.  Menu includes suggestions and input from the class.
  • Beef, Pork & Lamb: Learn how to break down and work with different cuts of beef, pork, and lamb, and how to prepare them using a variety of cooking methods.  Menu includes Grilled Lamb chops, Pan seared pork medallions with pan sauce reduction, plus classic Steak Diane.
  • Menu Planning & Mystery Basket: Planning a menu and improvisational cooking should be intuitive at this point.  You will create our own meal from a mystery basket challenge to help you think on your feet. Packed with quality, seasonal ingredients, your basket challenge will help you put to practice those techniques and methods you’ve been learning over the weeks to show you how far you’ve come.


SEP 22, 29; OCT 6, 13
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
$325 p/p
OCT 20, 27; NOV 3, 10
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
$325 p/p


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