cooking essentials

Regardless of your current cooking level, this series will instill more confidence, techniques and inspiration in the kitchen. 

Cooking Essentials I: Cooking Fundamentals

Chef Wynton Mann will guide you through a complete cooking basics– you’ll learn essential culinary techniques through classic cooking methods and gourmet recipes! We’ll cover all the bases of the kitchen as we master everything from professional knife skills to gourmet presentations. Learn the basics of cooking in this complete hands-on course. This series will provide clear and concise recipes for everyday cooking. The class focuses on simple techniques for easily cooking meals. Learn how to roast, pan-sear, stir-fry, make soups and simple sauces, bake from scratch. Learn to prepare wonderful meals.

  • Knife Skills & Vegetable Prep: Learn to take control of your chef’s knife: slicing, dicing and improving your prep skills, and understand which kitchen tools are really essential for the home cook. Learn how to cut up a whole chicken.
  • Stocks, Soups & Sauces: Learn how homemade stock makes everything in the kitchen taste better and etch to memory the method for making flawless soups. Clear, broth-based, puree, and cream soups; consommé; chowders; bisque; cold soups; soup garnishing; soup service. Learn to create classic Sauces, modern sauces, and homemade condiments and use them in professional-style plating.
  • Pasta: Learn how to cook and sauce perfect pasta with some of our house favorites.
  • Sauté: Sautéing is an essential cooking method and properly sautéed proteins can be the base for a simple but bold pan sauce once you know a few key tricks. You’ll try several variations. 
  • Roasting:  A great way to prepare delicious entrees for your family and friends. Discover the techniques that will guarantee success every time. We’ll also discuss the different types of roasting pans and whether vertical or horizontal roasting in important.


Cooking Essentials II: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Based on the widely popular book by Chef Samin Nosrat, each week we’ll explore one of these four foundational elements of cooking and how to best master that in your kitchen. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat focuses on the concept that mastering the use of four elements will make any food delicious: salt, which enhances flavor; fat, which delivers flavor and generates texture; acid, which balances flavor; and heat, which ultimately determines the texture of food. By explaining the hows and whys of good cooking, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat teaches and inspires a new generation of cooks how to confidently make better decisions in the kitchen and cook delicious meals with any ingredients, anywhere, at any time. 

  • Salt: Learn about “Salt. It’s fundamental to all good cooking. It enhances flavor and even makes food taste more like itself. In short, salt brings food to life. Learn to use it well and your food will taste great.”
  • Fat: Learn about “Fat. It’s nothing short of a miracle. Fat is flavor. Fat is texture. Fat adds its own unique flavor to a dish, and it can amplify the other flavors in a recipe. Simply put, fat makes food delicious. And one of the most important things any cook can learn is how to harness its magic.”
  • Acid: Learn about “Acid. It’s the pucker in a lemon. The sour in sour cream. The tart in cranberry sauce. It literally makes mouths water. Acid brightens food and creates contrast. Most importantly, acid does the absolutely necessary job of balancing flavors, which makes it indispensable to cooking delicious food.”
  • Heat: Learn about “Heat. It’s the element of transformation. Heat takes food from raw to cooked, flabby to firm, pale to golden brown. Sizzles, splatters, crackles, steam, and aromas are all the results of applying heat to food. And once you understand how heat works, you can be confident that whatever you cook will taste great.”

cooking essentials iii: international cuisine (I)

Some say the best way to get to know a culture is through sampling its food, but even better is learning how to cook it. These cooking classes give you a hands-on introduction to the cuisines of various countries around the world.

  • China: Wok cooking is simple, quick, nutritionally balanced and great tasting. In this fun class you will learn many Chinese staple recipes and other cooking techniques. Menu: Egg Rolls with sweet-and-sour sauce, Dim Sum with dipping sauce, beef and broccoli.
  • Mexico: In Latin America, Mexico has one of the most extensive street food cultures. “ANTOJITOS” (Little Cravings) are prepared on the streets, taquerias and in market stalls because they are typically foods not eaten at a formal meal, especially not the main meal of the day, which is served in the mid-afternoon.
  • Thailand: Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet…Thai dishes are balanced with these flavors, no matter what the region of the country. In this class, we’ll walk through this approach to cooking the native foods of Thailand. You will learn some of the key recipes of the cuisine, like curry paste and peanut sauce, using spicy chilies, lime juice, fish sauce, coconut milk, and palm sugar. 
  • Greece: Taste the popular street food of Greece and it will become a favorite craving. Join Chef Wynton in the kitchen for an exciting hands-on class creating souvlaki with pita – grilled Greek kabobs served over lemon rice with a cool cucumber sauce, spanakopia – spinach-feta cheese pastry dish. Finish with Baklava Rolls – sweet Greek phyllo dough filled with honey cinnamon walnuts, dusted with simple syrup and pistachios.

cooking essentials iV: international cuisine (II)

  • India: Learning to prepare Indian food at home will make you toss those take out menus in the trash. We will introduce you to an Indian pantry full of fragrant spices, healthful legumes, spicy chilies, and succulent sauces and then show you how to use those basics to create some of the country’s most beloved food. 
  • Jamaica: Paradise is calling. The cuisines of the Caribbean come by way of the islands diverse ancestry who came from Africa, India, China, Europe and the Americas. The lush and coastal land and tropical climate provides an amazing variety of indigenous fruits, seafood, and spices that make this cuisine one of a kind.
  • Korean: When you think of Asian food, you probably think of Thai or Chinese first, but there’s a whole other world of noodles, rice and spices that you may be overlooking – Korean cuisine. With this class, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the recipes and techniques to make delicious, traditional Korean dishes at home.
  • Spain:  Learn to create a variety of Spanish classics that are perfect for any celebration. Become a tapas aficionado while learning how to prepare the perfect Paella. The party wouldn’t be complete without classic red sangria, and churros with chocolate.

cooking essentials V: international cuisine (III)

  • Peru: Peruvian food is the up-and-coming cusine in the world. With an incredible balance of flavors with a strong Asian influence, you’ll see why Peru is becoming one of the top cuisines in the world. Menu: Lomo Saltado (Marinated beef with tomatoes and onions), Cause (Mashed potato towered with avocado and shredded chicken), Chicha Morada (Delicious drink made from purple corn, which has more antioxidants than blueberry) and Alfajores (cookies filled with dulce de leche).
  • Ethiopia: Experience authentic Ethiopian Cuisine! We’ll start with Injera (fermented flat bread) which is used as a utensil to scoop up various sauces. Our other dishes will be: Menu: Misir We’et (Red Lentil Spicy Sauce), Asa Tibs (Fried Whole Fish), Alecha We’et (Curry Split Pea Sauce).
  • Germany: Throw your very own Oktoberfest party after learning how to master German cuisine. You’ll learn to create traditional German food, like Schnitzel with capers in a lemon sauce, soft pretzels with warm mustard, Spaetzle with Caramelized Onions, and Black Forest Mini Cakes!
  • Morocco: Inspired by the rich flavors of Morocco, we will create a classic chicken tagine with preserved lemons, couscous with lentils and arugula, stuffed flatbread with mint and feta, orange and olive salad with pomegranate vinaigrette, phyllo bundles with apples and almonds. “Here’s looking at you kid.” 


Cooking Essentials I: Cooking Fundamentals
SEP 13, 20, 27; OCT 11
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
$375 p/p
Cooking Essentials II: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
JUL 19, 26; AUG 2, 9
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
$375 p/p
Cooking Essentials V: International Cuisine III
SEP 15, 22, 29; OCT 13
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
$375 p/p


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