savoring thailand


Pamper your palate with this exotic gourmet culinary tour of Thailand and Vietnam. A fascinating blend of diverse cultures, explore the historical highlights and hot spots of Thailand and Vietnam with the comfort of expert guides. Learn about the cultural significance and time-honored traditions behind the diverse cuisines of each delicious destination.  

HIGHLIGHTS: Bangkok (Thailand) * Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

My husband and I just finished our second tour with Wyntons World Tours, first to Cuba and then to Thailand. You really cannot go wrong with these folks. There are several things that make their tours special. The small groups, the local guides appear to be carefully selected for their local knowledge, the food experiences are diverse and include not just cooking classes and there is still plenty of time to visit the usual sites you would otherwise want to see in the country. We certainly plan to take yet another trip with them at some point in the future.
Theresa Summers
Fashion Designer