summer cooking camp

Do you have a child, who loves to cook or bake? Then Wynton’s World Cooking School has a unique summer cooking camps just for you! For a few weeks every June, July and August, campers have the opportunity to hang out and learn with some of the best chef instructors in the industry. Throughout the week, beginning with the basics of kitchen safety, campers will participate in hands-on Culinary or Pastry classes in the school’s kitchen – all while using real recipes easy enough to duplicate with the family at home. We also cover nutrition, ingredient information and food safety. Our Summer Cooking Camps will expand your child’s dining horizons, build math skills and self-esteem, promote teamwork and even get them to cook for you!

General Information


Summer cooking campEach child in a family requires his or her own registration form. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and payment must be made in full in order to reserve a seat. If your first choice is filled, you will be placed on a waiting list. However, a place on the waiting list does not guarantee placement in a camp session. The maximum number of students in any camp is twenty (12). There are no exceptions. Late applications will only be accepted on a case-by-case basis, if space is available, and may be turned away if the camp is full and/or there are not enough ingredients to accommodate additional campers.

Age Requirements:

Children, ages 7-11*, are eligible for Kids’ Camp.


Teens, ages 12-16, are eligible for Teen Camp. Requests to put a younger student in a Teen Camp will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and cannot be guaranteed.

All campers must meet age requirements by the first day of their scheduled camp session.


A confirmation email will be sent. Please be sure to review camp policies with your child. The school may communicate other periodic updates about camp via email, so be sure to advise Wynton’s World Cooking School of any email address changes. 

Cancellations / Refunds:

To cancel a summer camp registration, you must send us a cancellation request via email ( The school will not accept cancellations by voicemail, NO EXCEPTIONS. The following cancellation/refund policy applies:

  • Prior to March 1 (100% Refund)
  • Between March 1 and April 1 (50% Refund)
  • Between April 1 and May 1 (25% Refund)
  • After May 1 (0% Refund)
  • Absence(s) from camp will not result in a refund of fees.

Kids Summer cooking campThere are no make-up classes for any missed days. We do not offer any prorated rates if you know you will miss any days. A $25.00 Administration Fee will be charged for any changes to camp registration (e.g., switching weeks of camp, replacing one camper with another, etc.). WE MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS FOR ANY REASON. When you ask us to make an exception, we will remind you of this policy which is clearly posted on the website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to answer your questions!

Cooking Constraints:

Wynton’s World Cooking School does not use peanut oil for camps; however, we do not offer a nut-free environment. Individual student recipes can be modified to leave out allergens, but parents and students must monitor their own exposure to these ingredients, as they may be used elsewhere in the kitchen. Wynton’s World Cooking School does not offer a vegetarian camp option, however, vegetarians are welcome to participate in camps. Where possible, meatless options will be offered. Summer camp at Wynton’s World Cooking School is a drug-free and alcohol-free environment. Wine may be used in cooking to enhance flavors, and its use will be under direct supervision and monitoring of the Chef/Instructor(s). Campers will not be allowed to take home any food, unless otherwise stated.

What to Bring:

All campers will need the following items: We know summer is hot. Nevertheless, safety in the kitchen is of utmost importance for our campers and staff. Pants/shorts must cover legs to the knee. Close-toed shoes with a good tread are mandatory. NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS ARE PERMITTED IN THE KITCHENS.

Rules of Conduct:

Wynton’s World Cooking School maintains a strict enforcement policy for all rules of conduct on our premises. These rules are in place to protect the safety of the campers. Take note of the consequences below, these are non-negotiable. The following rules apply to all campers enrolled in Summer Camp. Any violation of the following rules will result in the non-negotiable consequences listed below: 1st Offense: Camper will receive a verbal warning.  2nd Offense: Camper will be sent home. Refunds under these circumstances will not be permitted.

  • No smoking.
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Parents and immediate family are the only outside visitors allowed in the building.
  • Be respectful of the staff and fellow campers.

Late Pick Up:

Parents are responsible to pick up their child or children from Wynton’s World Cooking School classes on time. There is a five minute grace period, but after the grace period is over, parents will be charged $15 per child. If you are carpooling, the parent who is driving is responsible to pay for all children being picked up. This payment is to be submitted at pick up via cash or credit card.


General Camp: $TBA per child per week (Each camper receives a recipe packet, certificate, and souvenir t-shirt for the week he/she attends). Teen Boot Camp: $TBA per child (Each camper receives a recipe binder, certificate, Chef’s Jacket and Hat. Wynton’s World Cooking School will no longer be accepting Gift Certificates or Credit as a form of payment for camp.

Our Camps

Teen Culinary Boot Camp

In this week-long Boot Camp, our seasoned chefs will teach teens all the essential cooking techniques and share kitchen wisdom that will stay with them for a lifetime. Students will become proficient at making sauces, knife skills, meat and vegetable cookery, making dough and baking. 

The Joy of Baking

Are your kids eager to learn the art of Baking & Pastry Skills? Bring them to WWCC for a great lesson in Baking & Pastry skills. In this hands-on class, our pastry chef will teach you how to make your favorites desserts. Your kid will mix, bake and create daily and taste their treats.

The World Cuisine

This week is perfect for the child that would like an introduction to global foods one plate at a time. Via taste buds, we’ll be visiting Italy, India, Argentina, the Caribbean Islands,  France, Thailand, Mexico, Eastern Europe and many more countries.

The Food Network

In this camp we bring some of our favorite food competition shows to the Kitchen! Each day will be a different competition; Chopped Junior, Nailed It, … Chefs will work in teams to brainstorm and create 2-3 recipes each day. No cooking skills required.