teen culinary program

Join our Teen Culinary Arts for high school students!

Talented teens with a flair for cooking will join our Culinary Arts program. This program could help develop the next top chef, caterer, pastry chef or simply produce the skills to help in the kitchen at home. This program focuses on all aspects of the kitchen — from local to international cuisine. The team is led by Chef Wynton Mann, who is the founder of Wynton’s World Cooking School for the home chef.

Our culinary arts program for teens, the Chef Apprentice Program is a free program designed for high school students. It teaches students healthy nutritional and cooking skills they’ll need as they look forward to living on their own after high school.

The program provides a full spectrum view of the culinary arts profession in a safe, nurturing, healthy, and fun environment for teens after their schooldays end. 

Professional chefs teach students to use fresh fruit, vegetables, and meats as they learn about meal preparation. After each class, students are able to take home the meals they have prepared to share with their families.